This gorgeous modest wedding dress was designed for one of our brides. This wedding dress really catches your eye and gets your attention, because it is so unique, and one of a kind. It surely makes the bride look astonishing. This A-line dress is made out of ivory satin, and champagne colored sequins skirt.

So what is it about this dress that makes it look unique and stand out?
It’s the silhouette, neckline, skirt, and details.

The Silhouette
This is an A-Line shaped gown. A-Line dresses are known for being a flattering and popular style of wedding gown that compliments a women’s shape and figure. The dress is narrow at the top and flares out to make an A shape.

The Neckline
This dress has a “Scoop Neck” which is elegant. Scoop necklines have a classic U shape and while they do show a little skin they are still conservative and modest. One of the most overlooked features of modern wedding dresses is the neckline. The neckline of any dress can make or break “the look”. This neckline is just perfect for this dress.

The Skirt
This skirt sure looks gorgeous! The skirt while it is a simple design, gives a classical look. This skirt was carefully sewn at the cap, which gives it flair. The color and material are a champagne color sequin skirt.

This is the kind of dress that will make your wedding day memories something that will last forever. Your spouse will be stunned by your irresistible look in this dress.
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