Custom Made Dress Consultation



This is for your online custom made dream dress consultation. If you decide you want a custom made dress that is not in our collection, we will be glad to assist you in designing the dress of your dreams. We will create a sketch and/or a digital image of what your dream dress will look like for you after it is completed.  We do charge $30 for the consultation to cover our time to do the sketches and help you with designing your dream dress. If you are simply purchasing a dress from our collection or we are doing a replication, we do not need to do a consultation.


Please help us get started by telling us.

1. Your Dress Size:

2. Is there any specific requirements your dress needs? (Like does your dress need to be modest? Does it need to be cut in a certain way or does it need any special modifications?)

3. Tell Specific styles you are interest in. Think: what type of bodice, sleeves, back, accents, cut,  length of skirt or train, materials and accessories are you interested in?

4. What color you would like (White, Ivory, Champagne?)

5. What color you would like your accents (What are your Wedding Colors?)

6. E-mail us pictures of dresses you have found online, or provide us with pictures you have taken from the store that you feel excited about and you feel are most like the dress of your dreams.

7. What is your price range or budget? (How much are you looking to spend or keep it around?)

After you help us get a general idea of what you are looking for and by taking all of your input into consideration, our artist will bring your dream dress to life by creating a custom styled drawing of your dream dress.

After we are done, we will e-mail you a sketch of what your dream dress would look like in real life. We will try to get your dream dress right the first time, but we will include 2 revisions to the drawing/s with the consultation if necessary.

After your approval of the final design, we will give you you a quote on what it would cost to create your dream dress. Then we will gather your measurements, payment info and make your dream dress custom to fit your design and style. This is how you bring your dream dress to reality!

Also when you pay for the consultation. The $30 will go toward the purchase of your dress so in reality YOUR CONSULTATION IS FREE WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF THE DRESS.

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