Frequently Asked Questions (15)

How does this work? How do you help me get the dress of my dreams?

We can help you get your dream dress in several ways.

1. Find your dress in our Bridal Collection & Shop. We then will make it to your size.

2. We can do a dress replication or reproduction. (You have already found your dream dress, you just don’t know where to buy it or you are looking for an affordable alternative.)

3. We can help you create a custom made wedding dress (something that has never been made before) created with your design input.

We help you get your custom made dream dress in  3 simple steps.


1. Contact us so we can begin your online consultation, this is where you provide us with details on what you are interested in. You can use our pictures as a reference point or you can provide your own pictures of dresses you are already interested in. Give us your input on what you think your perfect wedding dress would be like.

2. We will create a sketch and/or a digital image to help give you an idea of what your dream dress would look like after it is complete.

3. After your approval of the final design, we will gather your measurements, payment info and create your dream dress in real life, custom to your size.

That’s it. After this process you will then receive  your dreams Wedding Dress!



Measurement chart.

Once the design portion is completed, we will provide you with our personal measurement form that shows the proper way we like to receive measurements. You simply take that form to any one of your local tailor, clothing, or alteration specialist. They will take your measurements using that measurement form. You then give us the filled out form. Then, we will make the dress to those measurements. If for some reason you change in shape, size or weight during production and your item needs to be tailored, you can take your item to any one of your local alteration specialist for assistance.

We also do reproductions. A reproduction simply means we can replicate a dress from a photo you provide us, as it is shown, or create the dress with any changes you desire to make to that design. Very often a couture bridal gown will have a couture price tag. There are many reasons why a garment can cost so much, but there are also many ways to creatively get the cost down and still have it look amazing and resemble the original. For example, instead of producing a dress in all silk, we could use a similar alternative material and the dress would be a fraction of the original cost! If your dream dress cost more than you want to spend, email us a picture of it and we will send you our best estimate and lowest cost of what it would cost to re-create that garment for you.


How long does it take to make a dress? How long before I can get my dress?

We typically need 8-10 weeks to have the dress made and shipped. The more time you give us the better.  If you are in a rush, we can do a rush order which can be done in about 6 to 7 weeks. This Rush process does cost an extra $75.

We recommend ordering your dress as early as possible. When possible we encourage you to have your dress 1 to 6 months before your wedding. This way you can be prepared for bridal photos & possibly unforeseen circumstances like changes in size or weight where the dress may need to be altered.


Do you do replications or reproductions?

Yes we do replications/reproductions. Replications are simply us remaking a dress you have seen before. Maybe you can’t find where your dream dress is for sale or maybe it is no longer for sale but you have seen photos. Maybe you’ve seen your dream dress in a store but is out of price range or budget? Good news, we can replicate the dress from photos you submit to us.

Understand that when we replicate a dress that we are not the original designer and the look of the dress may slightly vary. Dress replications will look approximately 90% or greater to the photo/design that is ultimately approved. Understand that even the same dress will look different on different people because of  the shape and size of the individuals.

We may not be able to do some replications. Some materials and patterns are nearly impossible to duplicate. Please contact us to see if we can replicate the dress you want.

Keep in mind certain materials come in and out of stock. Fabrics and materials that were once available yesterday may not be available today. We might have to substitute one material with another similar type of material.

Very often a couture bridal gown will have a couture price tag. There are many reasons why a garment can cost so much, but there are also many ways to creatively get the cost down and still have it look amazing and resemble the original. For example, instead of producing a bridal gown in all silk, we could use a similar alternative material and it would cost a fraction of the price! If your dream dress cost more than you want to spend, email us a picture of it and we will send you our best and lowest estimate of what it would cost to recreate that garment for you. Many times, we can create that dress at a fraction of the price it would cost with other vendors.

All replication dresses will require a deposit. When the dress is completed and it resembles the photo or description you submitted, you are expected to purchase the dress or you may loose your deposit.


Do you only make modest dresses?

No, we make all kinds of dresses. We specialize in CUSTOM MADE. So we can really make the dress how the bride want’s it to be made. Whether dress is long sleeve, or no sleeve, backless, modest, extra short tall, we’ve done it all.
We’ve made blue, red, orange and purple dresses. We’ve made dresses for girls in all shapes in sizes. We’ve made dresses for girls who say the store could not get the dress in their size. When we say custom made we really mean custom made.


How do you make sure the dress will fit me?

We encourage you to have your measurements taken by a local tailor or clothing professional who is experienced with taking measurements. The dress will be made to your specific measurements. We encourage brides to not take their own measurements. If measurements are incorrectly taken we are not responsible. We do not do fittings during the dress making process and because brides change in shape and size you may need to alter the dress. If alterations are needed, you can always get it altered by your local bridal seamstress, which is standard practice in the bridal industry for that perfect fit.  Alterations ARE NOT included in the price and you must pay for your own alterations. Some brides do change in weight and size during the dress making process. Be prepared for this. This is why we encourage you to have your dress sent to you a significant amount of time before your wedding so you can be prepared in case you need to make any alterations or changes to the dress.


Where are you located? Can we do everything online? Can I meet you in person?

We are located in St. George UT, but we work with brides from all over the world. You don’t have to be local. Everything can be done online.

Our online consultation can be done via e-mail. You simply send pictures and a description of the dress you want. We will confirm everything with you. You can have your measurements taken wherever you are by a local tailor or clothing professional. Once we have your measurements we will make the dress to those measurements. We will send you pictures of the dress before it is completed for your final approval and then the dress can be shipped to an address of your choice once complete. If you want to meet in person please contact me and we can set up a time to meet.


How much do your dresses cost?

Each dress will vary in price. Feel free to browse our shop to get an idea of cost. Prices depend on design, material, & size. Most of our dresses are in the $450-$650 price range  (sizes 16-22) are an extra $50. Custom made wedding dresses or replications also vary in price depending on the material, the style and the time needed to be made. Contact us for a quote.  Many girls have thanked us stating that we were able to get their dream dress made at a fraction of the cost it would have been with other vendors.

Accessories can be added for an additional cost. We offer sashes, petticoats and veils.

Shipping and handling must be added if the item is going to be shipped.  Usually $35 flat rate for a dress shipped anywhere in the USA. $15 flat rate if you are just buying an accessory like a petticoat, veil or sash.

Rush orders. If you would like your dress Rush ordered (typically 2 weeks to 1 month faster) it cost $75 extra.



How do you keep your prices so affordable?

We work mostly online and at bridal shows throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. We do not have a building or store with our dresses so we do not have many of the expenses that traditional brick and mortar stores have. We know that weddings are expensive, so after my own wedding I made it a goal to offer amazing wedding dresses at affordable prices. You are not paying for a “Big Brand” or “Designer” name with our dresses. We try our best to keep our prices low so you can enjoy your big day.


What do you need from me before you start making the dress?

Before any dress is started we need.

1. We need to know the style or design of dress you would like. If we are doing a custom made dress, we need to do a consultation and have sketches made and the final design approved. If we are doing a replication/reproduction then we need detailed pictures of what the dress looks like. If we are doing a dress from our collection we simply need to know the name of the dress.

2. We need your measurements. We have a special measurement chart that needs to be filled out for any dress we make.  You will most likely have this filled out by a local tailor, alteration specialist or somebody experienced with taking clothing measurements.

3. We need the deposit/down payment. Before we can begin any dress we need to have a deposit or down payment made. Usually a custom link will be sent to you for your dress where you can make a payment.

4. We need an agreement filled out and signed or a digital agreement and terms of services agreed to at checkout. This way we are all on the same page of what dress is being made for you, what it’s going to cost, the estimated time and all the terms for the dress we are doing.


Do you do alterations?

NO! We do NOT do alterations. All custom made dresses are made according to your measurements, but each body type is unique and different. Because we don’t do a fitting during the building process, some dresses might need some minor alterations. It is the customers responsibility to make any alterations.  If for some reason the dress does not fit or you have changed in shape or size, or you have provided the incorrect measurements, you are responsible for your own alterations. We do not re-use old dresses or make alterations to existing dresses.


Do you travel?

We are based in Southern Utah, but we travel to Northern Utah and Nevada occasionally for Bridal shows. Please contact us if you would like to know when we will be in your area next.


Do you ship?

Yes we do ship. We charge a flat rate of $35 for all our dresses. This can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States (Please contact us for rates if the dress needs to be shipped out of the USA.)

If you are buying an accessory with your dress (like a sash or petticoat) no additional shipping is charged if the accessory is shipped with the wedding dress together.

If you are buying an accessory alone shipping is a flat rate of $15 anywhere in the USA

Buyer pays for all shipping.



Where are your dresses made?

It really depends on the dress we are making for you. All of our designs are created in the USA, and all of our dresses are shipped from out of Utah in the USA. Many of our dresses are made by our team over seas. We have connections with people in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and some parts of Asia. We guarantee excellent quality in all of our dresses and personally hand check them before pick up or shipment.  If you are unsatisfied with your dress for any reason we have an excellent return policy.


What is your return policy? What if I completly don’t like the dress after I receive it?

Please, read carefully our return policy.

If you are unsatisfied with the dress you receive, we do have a return policy. The dress must be returned to us within 7 days of arrival. The dress must be returned in the same perfect, unused condition as it was shipped to you. Item must not have been worn, altered, dirtied or damaged in any way or you may be 100% liable for the dress. All tags must be left on the item. The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost.

Refundable amounts.

Your final payment amount IS refundable.


Non Refundable amounts.

The dress deposit is non-refundable. (This amount shall be kept as a restocking fee).

If we begin making a dress for you and the wedding is called off, or you find another dress, we cannot refund your deposit but you may elect to stop making the dress and not make the final payment.

All shipping cost involved is non refundable and buyer is responsible for all shipping.

Online consultation is non-refundable.




Do you do wedding dress rentals

We do NOT do wedding dress rentals at this time.