Custom Made Wedding Dress


There are many reasons why brides now days are wanting their own custom made wedding dress.

Custom made dresses aren’t something you can buy in just any store. Custom dresses really show your personality creativity and style. You can have the dress you want, made the way you want. Your favorite neckline, sleeves, shape, bodice, materials, color and more! And if it’s super affordable, WHY NOT?

Get your dress in 3 simple steps.

1. Contact us so we can begin your consultation, this is where you provide us with details on what you are interested in. You can use our pictures as a reference point or you can provide your own pictures of dresses you are already interested in. Give us your input on what you think your perfect wedding dress would be like.

2. We will create sketches and/or a digital images of what your dream dress would look like for you after it is completed.

3. After your approval of the final design, we will gather your measurements, payment info and create your dream dress in real life, custom to your measurements.

That’s it. After this process you will then receive  your dream Wedding Dress!


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