As summer approaches, more brides are opting to go with lighter weight fabrics and backless style wedding gowns. The backless dress provides a sleek and sexy  look for all types of women. An open back allows brides to showcase their feminine and beautiful body, without feeling immodest or inappropriate. There’s something about the confidence of a woman who embraces this stunning design for her wedding day. It’s bold, it’s sexy, and it’s perfect for every woman. 


There are a few helpful tips you’ll want to know as your dream day arrives.

First, let’s discuss proper undergarments. When it comes to an open back dress, you’ll want to invest in a proper bra or bodysuit. There are different styles from clear straps, to backless silicon designs, to pasties, and more ( These two which i personally like). 

 If you’re a gal with a more petite bust, and aren’t needing added support, then petals or silicon pasties are a great option. You can find them on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Dillard’s, Macy’s, etc. carry these in their lingerie and underwear section. If you’re small busted and looking to amp up the cleavage, consider the silicon stick options with a draw string in the front. It’s a fantastic backless design to offer your ladies with support and reviewers say you’ll gain a cup or two! 


If you’re a gal with a medium bust, you can use either of the previous two options, or for a more sculpted look, consider a bodysuit from creators like Spanx or similar shapewear brands. A bodysuit offers full support while providing women with a slimmer figure if they desire.

 And finally, if you’re a gal with a fuller bust, then a bodysuit is always a fantastic option as well, or any adhesive bra with side wings for added support. If you’re wanting to use a bra that you have, you can buy converter straps to modify most bras. 

Second, let’s talk fashion tape and how to use it. Fashion tape is designed to keep fabrics in place, making sure you don’t have any extra exposure caught on film. Hollywood Fashion Tape  is the most common type of double-sided tape used especially for skin. It differs from regular double-sided tape because of its strength, and it’s gentle enough to adhere to the skin. You can find it at craft stores like Michaels and JoAnns or at places like Walmart and Target or on Amazon. Simply place the fashion tape on your skin and match the fabric to the placement and secure any garment. 

Third and finally, let’s discuss the shining star of the dress, you! Most women dream of their wedding day as a day of perfection, and you should enjoy the beauties of prepping yourself for that day! Making sure your skin is well taken care of is one of your first priorities. A bride’s best friend is a great exfoliator, whether it’s to exfoliate for a spray tan or just for a nice refresh. It’s the easiest way to rid your body of dead skin, feel brand new, and look radiant for your big day. There’s many options for body scrubs, luffas, and gentle exfoliants to make sure you and your skin feel glamorous. 

Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub,  Herbavana Exfoliating Body Scrub or Natural Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Scrub  works amazing and smells good.

Also here are some great options for luffas.

Wearing a backless dress is a bold, confident statement for any special occasion, especially your wedding day. With the proper undergarments designed for your body, fashion tape for extra security, and healthy, glowing skin, you’ll be ready and feel beautiful for your all-important day.