When a bride plans for her wedding, she typically wants something timeless, elegant, and uniquely her. What better way is there to showcase that elegance than in a stunning wedding dress? A simple and classic dress can really emphasize the beauty of the bride.


Incorporating details into a simple dress will elevate the design and highlight the brides personality. In this gorgeous dress, we’ve added this classy, vintage button design on the back and the sleeves. Additionally, details like a lace overlay, pearl accents, and more can really provide an elegant and timeless dress that any bride will cherish for years to come.


Another wonderful advantage of such a classic style is that the bride can add her personality through veils, sashes, jewelry, and her shoes. These great additions can really create a pop of color. The veil can also elevate a timeless dress through similar details such as lacework and beading. With these details, the veil can enhance and finish the bridal look.  Depending on where you’re getting married, there may be different guidelines or specifications to your wedding dress attire.



For example, in Utah where many of our brides are located, they will get married in a temple, where there are different dress requirements for this type of ceremony. The neckline needs to be high, sleeves need to be to the wrist, dress needs to be in full length, and the whole dress needs to be white. We can accommodate any bride and their specific needs—including re-attachable items like veils, sashes, etc. which can be added on for the reception.

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Winter Wonderland by Gideone Photography

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