What do you need from me before you start making the dress?

Before any dress is started we need.

1. We need to know the style or design of dress you would like. If we are doing a custom made dress, we need to do a consultation and have sketches made and the final design approved. If we are doing a replication/reproduction then we need detailed pictures of what the dress looks like. If we are doing a dress from our collection we simply need to know the name of the dress.

2. We need your measurements. We have a special measurement chart that needs to be filled out for any dress we make.  You will most likely have this filled out by a local tailor, alteration specialist or somebody experienced with taking clothing measurements.

3. We need the deposit/down payment. Before we can begin any dress we need to have a deposit or down payment made. Usually a custom link will be sent to you for your dress where you can make a payment.

4. We need an agreement filled out and signed or a digital agreement and terms of services agreed to at checkout. This way we are all on the same page of what dress is being made for you, what it’s going to cost, the estimated time and all the terms for the dress we are doing.

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