How do you make sure the dress will fit me?

We encourage you to have your measurements taken by a local tailor or clothing professional who is experienced with taking measurements. The dress will be made to your specific measurements. We encourage brides to not take their own measurements. If measurements are incorrectly taken we are not responsible. We do not do fittings during the dress making process and because brides change in shape and size you may need to alter the dress. If alterations are needed, you can always get it altered by your local bridal seamstress, which is standard practice in the bridal industry for that perfect fit.  Alterations ARE NOT included in the price and you must pay for your own alterations. Some brides do change in weight and size during the dress making process. Be prepared for this. This is why we encourage you to have your dress sent to you a significant amount of time before your wedding so you can be prepared in case you need to make any alterations or changes to the dress.

Category: Frequently Asked Questions