The BIGGEST problems a bride faces when buying a wedding dress and how she can avoid them! Don’t get stung by the 3 BEES!

Do you know the 3 biggest problems that most brides face when they shop for a wedding dress?
Would you like to know the best way that you can avoid them? The biggest problems that most brides face when shopping for a dress are what we call the 3 B’s. The 3 B’s are finding something that fits the Brides: BEAUTY, BUDGET, and BOOTY. We can help you avoid getting stung by the 3 b’s and make your wedding dress shopping experience easy and fun.

1. The first problem that most brides face when they go shopping for a dress is they simply can’t find a dress that is B-EAUTIFUL. A bride might find a few things that they like about one dress but other things they don’t like about that dress and wish they could change them. They might find things they like about another wedding dress and wish there was some miracle dress that could have all their favorite things all together. Ultimately there is nothing that says “wow” to them and the bride gets stung by what we call the beauty bee and they are forced to settle for a dress that is less than AMAZING.

2. The second problem that many brides face when shopping for a dress is they get stung by the sizing bee. They might find a dress they love but it doesn’t fit their BUST, BELLY or BOOTY. In other words, finding the right dress in the right size is very often a huge problem. Some stores might not carry the dress they want in their size and if they do often it will take a very long time to order in a time frame that is not convenient.

3. The third problem that many brides face when shopping for a dress is they often do find a dress they love, but unfortunately, they get stung by the BUDGET BEE and the dress is out of their price range. They can’t afford an expensive designer brand name dress. In addition, many bridal stores will only order a dress you want in a standard size. Ordering a dress in a standard size means is that if the bride is slightly different in bust, waist or hip measurements than what is considered “standard” they have to be prepared and plan on paying for alterations in addition to paying huge retail prices for the dress. This means that many brides will get stung multiple times by the budget bee.

Maybe you’ve been stung by one of these bees while looking for a wedding dress? Do you know the best way to avoid getting stung?

Let me tell you about My Amazing Wedding Dress.
My Amazing Wedding Dress has helped brides from all around the world find or custom design their dream wedding dress at an amazingly affordable price.

1. My Amazing Wedding Dress can help you create a custom-designed wedding dress. Something to fit your style, something b-eautiful. To do this you simply set up a consultation. Send an e-mail to and send them pictures of dresses that you are already interested in, tell them what you love about each dress and what you think your dream dress would look like. My Amazing Wedding Dress will create a custom sketch or digital photo giving the bride a good idea about what her dress would look like complete. They do charge $30 to do the sketch and consultation but 100% of that $30 goes toward the purchase of the dress, so in reality, it’s like getting a FREE sketch and consultation with a dress purchase. Our designer and artist will collect your input on what you think would make the most beautiful wedding dress and bring it to life in a matter of days with their sketch. The sketch or design will give you an idea of what the dress will look like complete so you know it will be BEAUTIFUL and you won’t end up getting stung by the Beauty Bee that many brides do.

2. Second, we help you avoid getting stung by the sizing bee by creating our dresses to the measurements you provide. This means the dress is not made to just a standard bust, waist and hips size, but is made to a number of significant measurements that are important to making the right fit for a bride. We have been contacted by brides in all shapes in sizes, plus size brides, petite brides, tall brides and short brides. We create our dresses brand new, made to your measurements and it can be done in as little as 8 to 10 weeks.
3. Third, we help the bride avoid getting stung by the budget bee by making our dresses affordable. Most of our dresses are in the $500-$1000 price range. So many brides have contacted us expressing their gratitude because they were able to get a dress they absolutely loved, something that was custom made for them and they were able to do it at a lower cost than it would have cost them in a traditional bridal store. At My Amazing Wedding Dress you are not paying for a big brand name, and in addition, because we run an online store, we don’t have many of the expenses that traditional brick and mortar stores have so we pass those savings on to you. Looking for an affordable wedding dress? A discounted price on a wedding dress or something at is cheap on your budget but exquisite in style? Contact My Amazing Wedding Dress and let them know what you are looking for in a dress and they will be able to give you a FREE estimate. Please let them know when your wedding day is, when you would need the dress and where you are located and where the dress would need to be sent so they can estimate time frames and cost and they will be glad to give you an estimate of cost and let you know if it’s possible to make your dream wedding dress in the time frame you are looking.

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