Should you tip your wedding dressmaker???

One question that many brides have, related to services provided to them for their wedding is, who do you tip and how much? Tips are a way that you show your appreciation for great service rendered. In the wedding industry, it is a common practice to tip many people that helped with your wedding and who provided you with great personal service.
These services could include but are not limited to: the Band, Banquet Manager, Bar Tender, Cake Designer, Caterer & Wait Staff, Coordinator, Delivery Staff, Disk Jockey (DJ), Florist, Hair & Makeup, Officiant, Photographer, Transportation, Valet/Parking & Videographer. Wow, that’s a lot of people to tip! There are so many people involved in a wedding, as there should be, it’s the biggest celebration of your life. So what about tipping your dress designer? Are you supposed to tip them? We’re not talking about a dress you bought pre-made off the rack from a bridal store, we’re talking about a complete custom wedding dress. Something that was made just for you.
Your dress designer will typically spend many hours working with you personally on creating the perfect wedding dress or bridal gown. They will spend time taking your ideas, consulting with you, doing research on the dress, the materials, the design, sending you photos & sketches, following up with all your questions about the process and what’s involved. In addition to providing you great service, some wedding dress designers such as My Amazing Wedding Dress have been known to save brides HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars on their dream wedding dress.  With all those savings you just might have just enough money to pay the tips for everybody else involved in the wedding! The best way to tip your dress designer is different than the way you tip everybody else at the wedding and it’s not with money.

The best way to tip your dress designer is:

  1. By referring your friends and family that are engaged or about to be engaged.
  2. Leaving a great online review.
  3. Sharing your bridal and wedding photos.

The best compliment you can pay your designer is lip service. Telling your friends and family that you loved your wedding dress and letting them know who did it and where they can get one. Obviously, if you are referring friends, you must have had a great experience and would want your friends to have a great experience as well.

The next best way to compliment the designer is by leaving them a positive, sincere review online. Depending on how you found out about the designer is probably the best place to leave them a review.

It seems like there are thousands of places to leave reviews. If you can leave your review in more than one location so others looking for reviews will get to know about your experience, that is best.

If you heard about them on Facebook you can leave a review on Facebook.
If you heard about them on Etsy, leave a review on Etsy.
Thumbtack, Thumbtack.

In addition to the source that helped you find your designer you can leave reviews on

Google, Yelp or wedding wire.

The last compliment you can pay your designer is by sharing some of the best photos you have of you in your wedding dress. Most designers will take photos of the dress before sending it to you, but the dress was custom made for the bride and it’s always going to look better on the bride compared to just a mannequin or hanging up.  Your designer will have spent a great deal of time creating your dream dress and it would be of incredible value to them to be able to show other brides their past work. If a professional photographer was used please let them know who it was so they can credit the photographer for their work as well.

By referring your friends and family, leaving a good online review and sharing your photos you will have “tipped” your dress designer in the best way possible.


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